Do You See What I See?

Fall 2016

Makena: This is a collaboration photo shoot dissecting the alternate side of the individual. With a mix of self-portraiture and modeling, we will be abstractly displaying two sides of a person, one deeming the personality we evoke on a day-to-day basis and the other depicted as the side we tend to conceal from the world. These will be prominently differentiated with color, style, and lighting. The photoshoot will took place at Studio 27 so that we will have access to a professional lighting setup. 

Manny: My style of photography has mostly been shooting in unplanned scenarios whether it be at events or impromptu shoots. I rarely plan full scale shoots or work in studios. During this project I want to gain a more technical understanding of lighting while applying meaning to my images. This collaboration is a way for me to work closely with another artist who has experience planning shoots and to try a different style of photography that allows for much greater creative control.

Makena: I found this topic to be essential and interesting to the identity of an artist. From experience, sometimes it feels like we have to compromise one side of ourselves for the other, or figuring out how to balance both to meet a sustainable medium. I wanted to visually describe the looks and feels of battling those parts which define us. Represented in an illustrious array of assorted colors, this will bring to reality the internal obstacles we may face.

Manny: Making prominent use of color in my photographs has always been something that I have wanted to do. Seeing photographers use colorful backdrops as a way to bring out their subjects and different emotions has been a great inspiration for me. The concept of the alternative side of an individual, is not only a relatable topic for me, but is also a way to learn how to bring out a certain emotion in a model as a photographer and then how to express my myself when I am the model.


Behind The Scenes

Lighting and Backdrop Setup